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Herd Bulls

JAM Tanner

Tanner is the foundation of our tenderness breeding program. He is rated 9/10 on Igenity's tenderness rating scale, and two of Tanner's Fullblood Piedmontese daughters are also rated at 9/10. As we search the linage of some of the highest rated Italian sires for  IA semen we are looking for more of these top tenderness genes. We also continue to look for domestic seedstock with high tenderness scores to add to our herd.

                                                            grand sire RF IVAN  20362
sire RF LUIGI R10L  23805
                                                            grand dam ULETTA  10773

                                                            grand sire BILLY IT040CN010B014 (IT)  22496
dam RIP NANNIE  23975 
                                                            grand dam DW KATURA 1K  23974

LCK Bubba

                                                            grand sire PELHAM ROBERTO  17219 
sire RF MATTHEW R1M  28692
                                                            grand dam RF IVY  20363

                                                            grand sire BLFP DADDY  28690
dam BLFP 122P  28691
                                                            grand dam RED BIRD HOLLY  18250

TFP Jack

OK, so he isn't a herd bull yet... But this is Jack Frost, born on the bitterest day of last winter, he was bottle raised from the start and isn't really convinced that he is of the bovine species. One thing he is sure of is that he deserves undivided attention and pampering!