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We are a family-run, grass fed beef production farm, specializing in production of low-cholesterol beef with excellent tenderness and exquisite taste. This is accomplished by using the Piedmontese cattle breed as our foundation stock. Piedmontese meat rivals chicken and fish as a low fat lean source of protein.  Our Piedmontese/Pinzgauer cross cattle are also lower in cholesterol while being faster "to market".                

Both the Piedmontese and Pinzgauer breeds are renowned for the tenderness ratings of their beef. Raising our stock on pasture grazing and high-quality hay, rather than on corn feed, hormones and growth additives, we are able to provide naturally healthy and flavorful premium beef.  

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Address:          1660 Simmons Road, Columbus PA 16405

Phone:             (814)  664-4712

Website:          tamarackfarms.net

Google Map:    1660 Simmons Rd.Columbus, PA 16405  
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